2,455: That's the average number of times couples argue per year

GOING BY the survey an average couple bickers almost seven times a day. Researchers, after carrying out the survey, found that the biggest reason for a row among couples is not listening to each other, which leads to 112 arguments in a year.

Other major reasons behind arguments are money worries, issues related to spending of money, and being lazy in the house, as per the report published in UK’s Daily Mail.

Being irritated about spending matters lead to 109 tiffs – and money, in general, causes a further 108 fights. As many as 105 arguments get triggered by laziness, and snoring is the cause of 102 outbursts among couples.

Food is a major bone of contention for couples as the matter of what to eat for dinner ends up in 92 outbursts in a year. Partners walking into the house with mud on their shoes lead to 80 fights. For more than once a week, couples argue over driving too fast, walking past items that need to be taken somewhere, and what to watch on television.

Sex is major offender when it comes to couples squabbling – lack of sex or issues related to timing end up causing 88 disagreements a year.

According to the Daily Mail, the survey pointed out to the following main reasons that lead to arguments among couples in a year.

Failure to listen – 112 fights
Overspending – 109
Money – 108
Laziness – 105
One of you snoring – 102
Bills – 98
What to eat for dinner – 92
Driving too fast – 91
Walking past things that need to go upstairs – 90
Dirty house – 90
What to watch on television – 89
Disciplining the children – 88
Dirty washing left around the house – 88
When to have sex – 87
Taking each other for granted – 84
Children’s bedtime – 83
Getting home late from work – 82
Not taking washing out – 82
Getting in the way in the kitchen – 82
Treading mud into the house – 80
Spoiling the children – 79
Who should cook the evening meal – 79
Swearing in front of the children – 79
Not closing cupboard doors – 79
Parking the car – 77
Not answering your phone – 76
Failing to say please/thank you – 75
Not saying ‘I love you’ – 69

The survey was carried out by Esure Manchester-based insurance company in the UK. The spokesperson of the company said, “The fact of the matter is that bickering on a daily basis is all part of being in a normal, healthy relationship. Unfortunately, our research suggests couples are actually rowing up to seven times a day and, although it can be about the smallest things, this does seem quite a lot. But the normal co-habiting couple will have to put up with each other’s daily annoyances – even if things such as housework, what to have for dinner, cleanliness and the television can prove to be very irritating.”

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