3 Ways to Trim Your Monthly Bills

3 Ways to Trim Your Monthly Bills!

A new poll shows that 30% of Americans have cut back on food, medicine and other daily necessities.

CNNMoney.com, March 20, 2008

How can you trim costs in a tight economy? 

Get smart with these tips:

1. Cut food spending.  You have to eat – but you don’t have to go broke!  Shop with a list and stick to only what you need, forget brand loyalty and pick generics or sale items and enroll in your grocery store’s coupon club or similar program.  Shaving just $4 off your weekly grocery bill adds up to more than $200 a year!  Instead of taking the family out for dinner, consider dining out for breakfast instead.  The entrees are usually much cheaper, and you can still enjoy dinning out together.

2. Trim entertainment costs.  Instead of going out to the movies, visit your local library where you can rent DVDs (classics and newer titles) for free.  They usually also carry several copies of the latest book releases.  Borrow just two books or movies a month that you would otherwise buy or rent, and you save $120 to $240 a year.  Bundle cable, telephone and internet services with one company where possible.  Consider negotiating for lower rates.  Reduce your fees by $20 a month, and that’s $240 for a year.

3. Shave your insurance bill.  Could you pay less for your auto and homeowner’s insurance?  Competition is stiff in these areas, and a simple phone call could save you hundreds.  Many companies will also give you their competitors rates as well as their own.  Primerica is one of them.  Visit www.primericafinanicalsolutions.com

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