5 Valuable Things You Must Keep In Mind In Medical Transcription Training

Like any type of career paths you choose, there are some things you can forget and some things you have to and must keep in mind in order to be effective and efficient. In transcription, you need to take note of not 1 but 5 things in order to help you love your job and eventually benefit from it more.

Things to Consider in Medical Transcription Training

1.  Awareness of the Human Anatomy

Originally, medical transcriptionists are members of the health care team. So naturally, if you choose a vocation in medical transcription, you are expected to know and learn the important points in the human anatomy. Since Transcription Training is only offered in a limited span of time, you need to set aside a time in your schedule to study the human anatomy. This is very essential to be able to completely understand what the doctor or physician is dictating to you.

2. Knowledge in Medical Terminologies And Their Meanings

Aside from the need to learn about the human anatomy, you are also expected to know medical terminologies and their meanings. Medical jargons are often used by the healthcare team in their records because basically the records are also read by fellow health care professionals. If you are quite aware of the different medical terminologies and their meanings, you already have the edge in medical transcription. You will have no problem in transcribing slurred, sometimes incomprehensible audio recordings from your clients.

3.  Knowledge in Current Grammar, Styles And Format Of Medical Transcription

One of your responsibilities as a transcriptionist is to learn about the grammar, styles and format used in transcribing medical records. Keep in mind that you are transcribing a formal record that will contain confidential information about patients. You also need to understand that each hospital and clinic have different protocols when it comes to their medical record so don’t interchange formats if you cater to more than one client.

4.  Laws influencing Health Care

As a transcriptionist you also need to learn about the legalities of health care and why you need to abide by them. These rules are important when transcribing because patient cases and records especially health insurance records are affected by law.

5.  Drugs And Prescriptions

Similar to medical terminologies, you must be aware of drugs and prescriptions often issued and used in health care.

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