6 Urgent Signs That You Should Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney In Arizona

Many people attempt to handle their own Arizona workers compensation case. But you should hire an experienced workers compensation attorney in Arizona the moment you feel you wouldn’t be able to handle it or if any of the following things happens.

Employer denies claim

Many employers and insurance companies reject workers’ comp claims, since many employees fail to appeal. Hiring a workers compensation attorney in Arizona costs nothing up front and gives you a fair chance to get the settlement you deserve.

Employer’s settlement doesn’t cover expenses and wages

If what your employer offers does not cover what you deserve, get an experienced Arizona workers compensation lawyer who can appeal on your behalf. If you really want to get the best benefits possible, call leading workers compensation attorney in Arizona, Montrose & Chua.

Injury prevents your return to work 

A permanent partial disability or permanent total disability may entitle you to a one time or weekly payments for life to make up for your lost wages. Since, these cases turn out very expensive for insurers, they wouldn’t want to pay what you deserve. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Arizona is all the more important in these cases.

Social Security disability benefits 

If your settlement isn’t designed properly, social security may be entitled to a large portion of your benefits. Only experienced attorneys such as Montrose & Chua Workers compensation attorney in Arizona will understand how to draft your settlement agreement to reduce this offset.

Your boss turns against you 

If your supervisor or boss fires you, demotes you, decreases your pay or discriminates in any sense since you filed a workers comp claim, you should seek help from a Workers compensation lawyer Arizona.

Third-party claim

You are allowed to sue a third party if their negligence contributed to your injury. To understand how this works, you need to hire an experienced Arizona worker comp lawyer.

The top Workers compensation attorney in Arizona, Montrose & Chua make sure you file necessary forms and meet all deadlines, estimate the “worth” of your case (what you deserve) and evaluate any settlement offers more accurately than your friends and family can.

Remember that the insurance companies have teams of highly trained lawyers working for them and you are not one of them. It is better to hire an expert who has been handling such cases for years and understands the nuances of workers compensation.

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