A New Rising Star is Crystal View’s Headlight Restorer/defogger for Cleaning and Restoring Faded Foggy Looking Headlights

I said it before, and I’ll say it again… A New Rising Star is Crystal View’s Headlight Restorer/Defogger!

Did you ever think to yourself that your headlights just don’t seem as bright as they used to be? This can actually be very dangerous. Do you have those foggy, faded looking or yellowing headlights on one of your vehicles?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had this condition on my own vehicles. Growing up driving only used cars I could have used this stuff on about half the cars I’ve owned. And for used car dealers… this IS the product you need to use to brighten up that dingy looking inventory you’re holding.

I’m talking about Crystal View Chemical’s Headlight Restorer/Defogger, and it is flying off the shelves at Wal-Mart and Advance Auto Part stores right now. I am telling you now folks, this stuff is AWESOME, and it truly is a Rising Star!

There are cheaper products out there that call themselves “Headlight Restoration Systems”, but all the ones I’ve seen amount to a waste of money. Other remedies just don’t last! This is the only truly permanent solution on the market. It really doesn’t matter if you’re saving $10 on a product if you’re going to have to do it again within the year. Factor in the cost of buying that “cheaper” product again and again, along with your time to do it over, and virtually all of the other products out there cost more. A lot more!

You only have to do it one time with Crystal View’s product. It has a LIFETIME WARRANTY! That’s a pretty big claim. Being skeptical, I called the company’s Director of Marketing, Lin Ford to ask him if that’s for real. He makes no bones about it, “An enormous amount of research has been invested here… this is a permanent solution, not some buffing compound with a wax or glaze to provide temporary results like most of the other products out there. You’ve even seen them yourself. I have no problem guaranteeing this product for life!”

In fact, Crystal View’s product is the only known product of its kind that’s backed by $5,000,000 of product liability insurance. This product has been in use now for over four years by more than 2,000 automotive professionals, car dealers, police and fire departments, and tire & lube centers across America. The results speak for themselves and more information is available at their website http://MyHeadlight.com.

And yes, Lin is right, I have seen the other, cheaper, products for myself. I’ve been consulting with Crystal View Chemicals, Inc. now for over four years on logos, packaging, displays, posters, and web graphics. I could have never imagined the amount of work that someone has to go through to get a product into a retail giant like Wal-Mart or Advance Auto Parts! To get this product thru the Wal-Mart consumer laboratory with a lifetime warranty successfully is monumental. That in itself says a lot.

But they did it! And I couldn’t have been more proud myself when I heard Brenda my wife yell out, “Here it is Baby!” as we were wandering through the automotive section of the Wal-Mart Superstore located in Pensacola, Florida. And the even bigger surprise was that better than half of the bags were already gone! This just really proves to me that consumers really are not afraid of doing this kind of repair themselves.

Here are a just a few ACTUAL unsolicited comments from CV Customers…

Wow! I can SEE again! I used your product on my 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan a few days ago and now I can see to drive at night! Although the headlights look fantastic, that benefit pales in comparison to the extra light getting to the road.

Please point out to potential customers how much safer your product makes night driving. Also, point out that you don’t have to do a perfect job to make a huge difference! Thanks for saving me money, hassle and possibly for preventing a future accident! – Harold G. – Wellington, KS

Happy That I Have Good Lights Again…

I drive a Subaru and the headlights were very yellow and it was hard to see at night. It would have cost me almost $200.00 for a new headlamp assembly. My friend told me about your product and then I saw it in the store so I bought it. I have tried 3 other products before and they just made the yellow shine more. So I bought your product thinking it might be better since it had a lifetime warranty. After I completed the work on the headlights and saw that your product has really worked, I was shocked! All of my friends couldn’t believe it either. They said my car even looked better over all. I drove around for about half an hour just being happy that I have good lights again. Thank you all so much. – John D. – Glenpool, Oklahoma

Simply Amazing… Crystal View Is Truly The Best Product Ever!

I would Just Like to say THANK YOU!!!! My wife’s 2000 Dodge Intrepid has Brand New Looking Headlights THANKS to YOU! I have used Blue Magic Plastic and Plexiglas Cleaner and Meguiars Mirror Glaze Clear Plasic Cleaner and Polish with no luck or noticeable difference. Crystal View worked as labeled… Headlights look new again! Feel free to quote me. Also I have Before and After pics if you would like. Thanks Again!!

Then we received this follow-up and their pictures…

Simply Amazing! We Have tried Maguiar’s Plastic and Plexiglas Cleaner and Polish along with many other ones… None of which worked. Crystal View is Truly The Best Product Ever!

Mind you when the salesman at Advanced Auto Parts Recommended it I Laughed… but I figured, what’s another $20.00… it can’t hurt to try. Well to anyone that is skeptical… Here is the Proof… I actually spent 20 minutes total with cleanup! Thanks Again For CV!
Paul & Peggy Smyth – Orange City, FL

Thank you very much for this great product… you get an A++ !

This product is the best thing that I have ever bought for my car. I own a 1997 Dodge Intrepid and no matter where I looked for used replacement headlights (e-bay or junk yards) they were either the same as mine or even worse. I didn’t want to spend the $380.00 for new ones installed.

I came across your product by chance at my nearby Wal-Mart and figured for about $20.00 I wouldn’t be out much if it didn’t work. I really had my doubts, but as I could hardly see to drive at night, I had to do something and fast. I still can’t believe my eyes when I look at my car…it’s as if the headlights are brand new!

This product is great, even better than great as it took me less than 15 minutes to do both lights, and that included cleanup! It was so simple to do that if you can read and follow simple instructions you can do it yourself and save big $$$$. I will tell anyone to buy this! – Steve R. – Machesney Park, IL

Excellent results from an “Excellent product!!!”

I wanted to send you this lil’ note to express my total satisfaction with my recent Crystal View product purchase and application success.

My son owns a 1994 Plymouth Duster just over 100K miles had really shown in the fogged and glazed over headlights. They had such a dull yellowed fade that when we had his new under-glows installed we just couldn’t put off replacement any longer…or so we’d thought. After the sticker shock of replacement we were very interested in the promo-packet I’d seen at the local Auto store (Advance Auto Xenia, Ohio 45385). The claims were a little hard to believe but for the low cost I figured I’d give it a try.

The rest is history, just like the fog on the lights. I know you already know the results but I still wanted to take the time to write and let you know of my total satisfaction. This product needs more advertising, testimonials, some way to let people know there is a proven solution to this age old problem. Most respectfully, Jeff – Dayton, Ohio
I have a 2001 BMW motorcycle that has constantly had a problem with some of the displays and gauges clouding as a result of exposure to the elements. Rather than buying a very expensive replacement gauge, I tried this product. Right now, the plastic face on the gauge looks brighter and more clear than the ones I saw on the dealer’s showroom last month. Clearing up the headlights on my 10 year old car was merely icing on the cake.
George H . – Waldorf, Maryland

“I have already been promoting your product to my friends and colleagues. I can’t tell you how many “yellowed” or damaged lights I see on the road now.

I have attached a few pictures of the finished product including a possible poster boy for Crystal View Products. 🙂 I am absolutely impressed at how well this product worked on my 2002 GTI. I only wish I had taken a before shot to make obvious the dramatic improvement. I think the differentiator in your product is in the final CV#2 solution that creates a spotless finish on the light.

I want to wish you and your staff all the very best. I will be place a testimonial on your website and I give you permission to use any of the attached photos or portion of this email to help promote your product. If you are ever in the Greenville, SC area representing your product, I would like the opportunity to say thank you in person.” -Mark G. – Greenville, SC

If you have faded, foggy, yellowing or oxidized plastic headlight lenses, I HIGHLY recommend you give Crystal View Chemicals a try before wasting time and money on the other products. The product is available on-line now through a number of venues including eBay, Google Base, BestHeadlightCleaner.com, and the companies own retail site MyHeadlights.com – Go ahead and get your headlight restoration kit online today!

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