A Three Wheel Motor Scooter? 7 Reasons to Condider One

Mopeds and scooters have been around for a long time now. From Cushman during the war to Mr. Honda opening up a shop in the San Fernando Valley back in the 1950’s to sell his Honda Super Cub, the American public has taken a liking to these ‘mini bikes.’ They would come and go as far as being in fashion, but with these economic times, it might be a good time to revisit the scooter and point out how it may make your life a lot easier.

#1 Avoid the traffic jams
If you live close to work, why bother getting in the car and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic if you could use your scooter instead?

#2 Insurance premiums
Scooter insurance is cheap. If you are not driving your car as much, you can get a discount on that too. Most companies with give you a discount on your rate if you don’t drive your car that much.

#3 Fuel Savings
This is the obvious one. Most of these scooters are going to get you over 200 miles on one gallon of gas. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you don not currently get that with your automobile.

#4 Parking
These things are easy to park. Imagine not spending 20 minutes looking for a spot in the parking structure every morning. It will waste a lot less of your time.

#5 Be Green an be good to the environment
I know not everyone is into this, but these things obviously don’t emit nearly the amount of emissions that a car or truck does.

#6 Easy on the wallet when it comes to repair
The parts on scooters are pretty cheap and rarely need repairs for that matter. No more $400 trips to the mechanic.

#7 They don’t cost very much to purchase
Seriously, you could by a brand new one for around $2000 or less. A good used one could be had for significantly less.

If you’ve had one in the past you know they are fun to drive, but you probably never really considered how useful it really was. Many companies like Honda, Yamaha, Cushman, and Vespa produce a wide variety of models to choose from. Give it a thought and you may a have a less stressful commute and a few more bucks in your bank account next year.

Source by Bill E. Sheers

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