Adding Children Under 26 Years to Your Health Insurance

Affective as of September 22, 2010, anyone who has to renew their health insurance policy can look forward to a new option when considering their children’s health care plan. With the new health care reform has come the possibility for extension of coverage to adolescents ages 16 and under.

After this date, children are now entitled to remain on the same health insurance policy as their parents.

The new health care reform bill means that children parents can stay under the same health plan as their parent’s until they are 26 years old- irrespective of their marital status, student status or home address. It also does not matter if the child (children) is named as a dependent on the mother’s or father’s tax return.

The only exemption is if a child under 26 is eligible for enrollment into a health plan offered by their employment. The term “child or children”, in this case, applies to natural children, stepchildren, adopted children and any other child that is dependent upon an adult during the adoption waiting period. Grandchildren are not eligible. As a result, grandparents who care for their grandchildren full-time are not eligible. Meanwhile, the law for any states that have a maximum dependent age that is above 26 will remain as it was.

  1. Anyone wanting to add dependents under the age of 26 years to their health insurance policy is entitled to a one-off special enrollment. Even adult children currently under the age of 26 who have been previously denied such coverage, can apply.
  2. Anyone who is currently covered by a single person’s health insurance policy or a spouse/employee policy and wants to add their child, can do so. However, they must change their enrollment status to one that allows dependents to be added to the contract, for example as family policy or an employee/child coverage policy.
  3. Anyone who is not already enrolled in a health insurance program, but wishes to do so now and take advantage of the new rules regarding dependents under 26, can participate. They must enroll within the special enrollment period and meet all applicable eligibility requirements to qualify.
  4. If your children already belong to your health plan, everything remains the same and nothing is subject to change.
  5. If you do not require your dependents to remain on your policy until they are 26, you can remove them. In order to do this, you will need to make contact with your health insurance provider and ask for them to be removed.

Source by Wojciech Albert Ciszewski

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