Affordable Health Insurance – 6 Ways To Attract Lower Rates

Here are six ways you can guarantee that you'll get affordable health insurance …

1) You'll get more affordable health insurance rates for a group plan than you will for an individual plan. So for those who have the opportunity of using a group plan, it offers you an opportunity of paying far less than otherwise. It becomes even truer if you're overweight, a smoker or an older person. This also applies to those who may pre-existing medical conditions that attract very high rates. Give a group plan serious consideration if you really want more affordable health insurance rates.

2) If you enjoy high risk or extreme sports you'll attract high health insurance rates. Therefore quit any sport or leisure activity that's either life-threatening or very dangerous and you'll get more affordable health rates.

3) Believe it or not, the way you drive can affect your health insurance rates negatively. If you have many speeding tickets or a history of street racing you'll pay much more. This is because you've made yourself a bigger risk to your insurer. You'll lower your health insurance costs if you develop a better culture behind wheels.

If you drive a sports car, fast muscle car or super bike, you'll likely pay much more in health insurance. The simple reason remains that you raise the chances that you'll make claims soon.

4) You can pay higher rates just because your occupation exposes you to much hazards. You can get more affordable health insurance rates if you switch to another line of duty that does not expose you to hazards. A person who works in a nuclear plant can not expect the same rates with a clerk in the neighborhood grocery.

5) If you're married you could save by being on one policy. You have to compare, though, to see which offers you more savings. This is because sometimes it's more profitable to be on different plans and at other times it's more profitable to be on the same plan.

6) You can bring down your health insurance premium by obtaining and comparing affordable health insurance quotes from reputable quotes sites. Visit a minimum of three of such for the best results. It's free, quick and easy.

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