Affordable Health Insurance for the Unemployed

Let?s face it; there are a lot of unemployed people right now. Many people lost their jobs because of the so-called downsizing. A company may opt for downsizing to achieve profitability and growth targets. Other companies do it to survive; they try to do more with a less number of people. Companies do it to cut costs as well.

Because of this situation, the unemployed are at risk of losing their health insurance. Are there other options for the unemployed when it comes to health care?

Most people who are unemployed or those laid off from their jobs tend to ask these following questions:

– Are there health insurance options for me?
– Are there other insurance alternatives?
– Should I risk myself and my family by not having a health insurance?

Don?t lose hope yet. There are still options left for unemployed people like you. There is an affordable health insurance suited for the unemployed and some are even free. And never opt to have no health insurance at all, even if you?re healthy today. Who knows what might happen today or tomorrow?

Here are several options for unemployed people:

– if you?re in a group plan, convert to a non-group
– a short-term insurance
– your spouse? employer-sponsored plan
– get an individual health insurance
– check Medicare/Medicaid
– check local healthcare clinics

Consider the situation that you?re in right now. Then think about the options that you may have.

Most health insurance providers include ?conversion rights? for group health insurance plans. Though conversion policies are more expensive and offers limited benefits as compared to the group health insurance, this might be a good option. All you have to do is to get information regarding conversion policies.

A short term health insurance policy lasts for one to six months and can be renewed once. You can get this kind of health insurance if you?re expecting to find a job soon. This covers hospital costs, surgical/doctor?s care, intensive care, x-rays and laboratory tests and related expenses. It doesn?t cover pre-existing conditions, preventive care, immunizations, well-baby care, vision or dental. With this type of health insurance policy, premiums are low, application is really fast and coverage starts immediately.

Your spouse?s health insurance can also be used. You are considered as a qualified dependent as well as the children, if you have any. Be sure to check with the company where your spouse works, ask for information about the health plan which the company offers.

Individual health insurance policies are a lot more expensive than group health policies. Different insurance providers have different plans and benefits. Shop around before buying any individual health insurance policy.

Medicare is a program (national health insurance) for people sixty five years of age and older, or those who suffer disability. Medicaid is a program administered by the state which provides medical-care for individuals or families with very low incomes. You can apply for Medicaid if you have very limited resources and very low income, pregnant or disabled.

Local health-care clinics provide low cost health-care services which includes medical, vision and dental care. If you don?t qualify for the previous options mentioned, then visit your local health-care clinic.

It is greatly advised that people get a health insurance policy and being unemployed is no excuse. Having an affordable health insurance policy at the earliest possible time is the best thing to do.

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