Alumni Association Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Almost every educational establishment has its alumni association. As a rule, one becomes a member of the association once he/she graduates institution. However, not every graduate student understands all the aspects of this membership. As a matter of fact, one can find any information about any alumni association on its site. But there are still questions that people often ask.

Let us consider these questions and try to answer them.

  1. What does it mean to be a member of the alumni association? It means that one will get all the benefits of the membership, like discounts, insurance, free access to all university facilities and events. Moreover, members have a possibility to maintain contacts with their educational establishment and other alumni. In their turn, members can pay dues for the membership in order to support the institution financially. Members also can make donations for this purpose.
  2. What if person did not graduate from the educational establishment? Some colleges and universities provide membership for their former students exclusively. However, some educational establishments encourage all graduates to join their alumni association.
  3. What are the discounts that alumni members receive? The system of discounts varies in different educational establishments. However, almost all institutions provide discounts for car rent, merchandize in university or college shops, insurance discounts and discounts for subscription for university sport facilities.
  4. What types of membership are there? Every educational establishment provides different types of membership. They can be a lifelong membership, privileged or gold membership and free membership. The due payment depends on the type of the membership.
  5. Who can join the alumni association? Actually, there are no strict rules about the membership participation. However, some universities accept only people who graduated from the university. Alumni who do not have a Social Security card are not eligible to join the association. Some educational establishments have special types of membership for alumni families and friends.

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