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In our present woeful economic climate it is imperative that we all have some form of annuity insurance and one of the easiest places to purchase annuity insurance today is online.

There are several types of annuities on the market today, including tax deferred annuities, immediate annuities and equity indexed annuities but, at its most basic level, annuity insurance involves paying money into an annuity contract now so that you can withdraw the funds at a later stage, with interest and hopefully without having to pay excessive taxes. Because it is so important for the annuity that you buy to suit your personal financial situation, it is imperative that you obtain a firm understanding of the pros and cons of all available annuity types before buying one. This is where online annuity sites can assist as they provide information on the consequences of purchasing the different types of annuities which you can review from the comfort of your own home before making a decision.

Typical features offered by first-rate online annuity sites today include lists of comparable annuity rates, free online quotes as well as explanations of the different annuity types and comparisons between annuity types. Information will also be offered regarding subjects like how best to deal with your annuity after you have bought it and how to sell your annuity. Annuity sites will also deal with related subjects like tax advantages, tax on death benefits, income options, open market options, IRAs and 401k plans and retirement planning in general.

Reviewing and buying annuities has never been this easy.

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