Are Car Shipping Quotes Free?

You may be moving to another state, selling your car, or buying a new one, and you need a car shipping service. If you are wondering whether car shipping quotes are free or not, well, the answer is yes. All legitimate car shipping companies should and will provide you a FREE car shipping quote.

What is the use of car shipping quote?

Basically, car shipping quotes are used in choosing which company provides the cheapest car shipping service since car shipping rates of different companies are different. Also, car shipping quote is one way to determine if a specific car shipping company is legitimate or not. Remember that all car shipping companies should provide you a FREE car shipping quote, if you found a company which charges you for a quote, do not even think of considering them as an option this is because they are only after your money.

Where can I get free car shipping quote?

There are actually several ways on how to obtain a car shipping quote and the easiest and most convenient is by logging in to the website of the car shipping company. All car shipping companies that have a website provide a free car shipping quote. You just have to enter all the needed details so that they may be able to compute the service that you need.

What to do if a company charges for a quote

If you have stumbled upon a company which charges for a car shipping quote, look up their company’s name on Better Business Bureau to ensure that they are legal.

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