Auto Glass Repair Shops Fall under Scrutiny

Auto glass repair shops have fallen under some pretty serious scrutiny over the past few years. Remarkably, auto glass services has been marketed as one of the best home based businesses to get into and brand new auto glass repair shops are opening up all over Dallas.

Thus, after your windshield has fallen victim to a sailing roadway projectile or your rear passenger window has been annihilated by someone in search of a free stereo, the chances of needing an auto glass services company in the future are good. The process of choosing a strong, well founded auto glass services company should not be rocket science. Unfortunately, with the dramatic increase in fly by night, here today but gone tomorrow home based auto glass repair businesses popping up, college degrees might become necessary.

Fortunately for the auto glass repair industry, whether you are seeking a windshield repair or a minor divot patch, the auto glass services companies which are holding their own are those that are dedicated to providing the best service, educating their staff on new techniques, and investing in their business for tomorrow. While this is possible with some of those who jump into the auto glass services industry as a prime self employment business, those who are simply looking for easy money are dropping off the radar faster than they can take their signs down.

The impact on the industry has been noticed however, and consumers are becoming more and more skeptical of those who are maintaining small businesses. Windshield repair in Dallas is a near guarantee if you spend any amount of time behind the wheel. In some areas of Dallas, auto glass repair is a near guarantee if you park your car without a security system. This is why the fly by night auto glass services industry keep cropping up in this area. It is also the reason why they are not able to maintain their business, shutting down quickly, sometimes with cars sitting in their driveways waiting for repair.

Auto glass services indicate that the company in question offers additional services. While windshield repair and auto glass repair are the two most common needs, other jobs like window tinting should be readily available from a business that is dedicated to running a functioning business and isn’t out there hoping for a quick new career. Sometimes, a simple inquiry into what other services the company in question offers is a fast way to determine the legitimacy of the company. Word of mouth, internet reviews, and company standards are also part of the evaluation process.

One should never assume that just because a company is family owned and operated, that it is a fly by night company. In fact, many auto glass services companies are owned and operated by families and are even located on the family’s property. There is a big difference between a “work at home business idea” and a business that is on one’s property. High quality auto glass repair comes from a sound education in technique and style along with a firm hand at practice. This is not a skill that can be mastered through reading a few handouts and developing a few tricks of the trade.

A few key tips on choosing a high quality auto glass service center include longevity (has the business been there awhile or is it brand new?) and obvious successful windshield repair and other window repair services. Obvious success includes written testimonials that are often included in business literature, a chronically packed parking lot (beyond employee parking) and warranties. If they come to you, that’s a bonus. However, it’s not a requirement. If the auto glass repair company you are seeking doesn’t work with insurance companies and expects you to file your own claim for a reimbursement, this is a serious red flag.

Long term businesses will most likely work directly with your insurance company in order to provide you with the easiest, most hassle free experience possible. After all, like any good business, you are looking for quality craftsmanship that goes hand in hand with excellent customer service skills. One without the other is like cake without icing. Good? Yes. Could it be better? Absolutely. And finally, a business that has more than one location, even if they come to you for the repairs, is a sign of a higher quality auto glass service company.

Source by David Warren

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