Auto Insurance Claims – How to Navigate Auto Insurance Claims

Auto insurance is the ultimate back up for when things go catastrophically wrong. You can be driving along peacefully knowing your own business and all of a sudden, crash, someone rear ends you and does serious damage to your car.

As long as no one is hurt the accident should only be a small inconvenience, but this will depend heavily on how efficient and responsive your car insurance company is to the claim you file. The best way to find out how an insurance company's claims process is viewed by its customers is to look online.

Hopefully you were savvy enough to purchase your auto insurance online in the first place. If you did it is likely that you found the customer approval rating for the company you purchased your vehicle insurance policy from. This rating is often prominently displayed on the web sites of many companies.

If you find that your insurance is not as responsive to your claim as you would like them to be you should try to resolve the matter by asking to speak with the auto insurance agent who supervises the claims department. Remain civil because you need these people to approve your claim as quickly as possible.

The claims process can usually be initiated either either online or over the telephone. After an accident take a second in order to jot down pertinent details of the accident. This will be very beneficial when the time to file the claim comes.

You should typically file your insurance claim within twenty-four hours of the accident. Many insurance companies will have repair shops that they have a relationship with. Some companies require you to use certain shops which is why it is important to file the claim as quickly as possible.

The car will be assessed for damage and the company will decide what to do next. In some cases the repairing the damage will cost more than the car is worth and then the car is considered a total loss. In most cases, however, the car will be repaired and returned to you in the same condition it was in before the accident. In either case your car insurance company will have a big role in how easily the process is completed.

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