Auto Rebates

Rebates are discounts offered by the seller to the buyer on the market price of the product. They are generally used as great promotional tools by salespersons to attract more customers.

Auto rebates today are an important part in the sale of new as well as used cars. The fine print must always be read and understood carefully before accepting any offer from any car dealer.

The Internet is the best tool to compare car deals and check if the rebates offered are really genuine. Researching all of the available cash rebates, special percentage rates, and other current deals and specials can save the buyer thousands of dollars while buying a car. Some of such sites that can help in this research are, InvoiceDealers, CarsDirect , Autoweb,,, and AutoUSA.

The dealer provides cash car rebates directly to the customer at the time of sale. This is done in order to reduce the net price of the car. Consumers generally prefer to use this rebate as a down payment against the price of the new car.

Special car leases are also sometimes offered by car dealers to boost their sales, as it decreases the customer’s monthly payments.

Many a times, dealers post misleading advertisements by listing a price much less than the usual price, leading customers to think that it’s a good deal. They mention in fine print that the prices include rebate. Most ads that list a selling price also carry a pre-condition stating that the dealer retains all rebates.

It is better to compare the selling price without considering the rebate because some insurance and lien holders only consider the market price. The discount Web sites are, therefore, a good way to compare rebates and avoid any rebate related scam.

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