California Auto Insurance – Rising Fraud, Rising Premiums?

California has been in the spotlight a lot recently in regards to auto insurance, though unfortunately not in a very good way in most cases. While it's true that there have been a few new insurance breaks in favor of car drivers over the past few months the fact still remains that auto insurance fraud over the past few years has been on the rise, with some cases meaning significant losses to many consumers Through the state.

One such example of this is a recent case being tried with two local attorneys who were arrested along with two dozen other people who allegedly ran an auto insurance fraud ring in California and netted more than $ 450,000 according to the Metropolitan News. Many insurance companies have commented on this case due to the fact that it was organized by legal professionals and therefore able to operate to such an amount without being caught sooner. These sort of white collar crimes can be particularly difficult to track for many government agencies due to the fact that the individuals perpetrating them are highly educated and know how to operate a system in which they can not easily be sentenced and persecuted.

For honest consumers this could potentially mean substantial increases in insurance premiums each month due to insurance companies hoping to compensate for their losses incurred by these fraudulent insurance providers. While it may seem unfair to most people is an unfortunate byproduct when these sort of actions take place. It is for this reason that many people have become outraged by a lot of the recent developments in the insurance industry and have begun to think twice about their insurance plan.

Thankfully there are a number of insurance plans in the works that hopefully could ease the economic burden each month of paying high insurance premiums you may have to pay as a drive even if you have done nothing wrong. Consumers can get up-to-date information about these developments and the insurance packages available to them by visiting sites such as and looking up providers in their local area to find coverage to meet their specific needs. These service sites are designed for ease of use and to assist customers in finding the information that they need to make an informed decision when signing on with the new insurance plan. As a consumer use these resources to your advantage before committing to an agreement.

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