Car Accidents Can Cause Financial Problems

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident in Houston or know someone who has been, the effects can be devastating. If the accident is serious enough, the financial burdens can even last for most of your life. Many people do not have the luxury of large financial savings in case of an emergency such as a serious car accident, but instead live paycheck to paycheck. An unexpected accident can have serious financial repercussions.

Medical Bills

One of the major financial burdens that a victim of a serious car accident will encounter is medical bills. Even if you have health insurance, some things may not be covered, and you will be responsible for the remainder of the bills, which can be very high. Even broken bones, sprains, or other minor injuries from an accident can lead to unexpected medical bills that you may not be prepared to pay. If your injuries are serious enough, this may also limit your ability to continue working at your job. Without money coming in, your financial stress will increase exponentially.

Cost of Repairs or New Car Purchase

The other financial burden is the damage that may have been done to your car. Without extra finances to pay for the cost of repairs, or purchase a new one, you will be left without a means of transport. If your car is being held for repairs, you may also be charged daily storage fees. With no way to get to work until the car is fixed, or you have the means to purchase a new one, you will be losing out on earning the wages that you need for your regular living expenses.

Attorney Fees

With all these bills piling up, if you are a victim of a serious accident, you may now consider filing a personal injury claim in an attempt to get compensation for the emotional and financial burdens that you are now under. However, the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer to begin the claim process is prohibitive, especially when you are floundering in so much debt from the accident already.

Get Help with Accident Steps

You may be thinking that there is no hope for anyone who has to deal with the financial shock of being involved in a serious car accident. However, there is a new company in town that can help you with all of these burdens. They will put you through their three accident steps that will reduce the financial hardship that has befallen you. First, consult with one of their attorneys free of charge over the phone. If you hire them, they will only require payment if you receive a settlement for your medical bills.

Secondly, you can receive medical treatment from one of their approved clinics without having to pay any bills up front. All medical bills will be placed on hold until you have gotten a settlement amount to pay them. Third, their repair facilities will immediately remove your car from any storage facility to prevent extra storage fees. They may even provide you with a discounted or free rental car for you to use so that you can continue working, if able after your car accident in Houston.

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