Car Insurance Fraud Sting Catches 61 in New York

Car Insurance Fraud is a serious problem over here in the UK with people intentionally causing crashes with the aim of claiming damages on the car’s insurance and in some cases demanding compensation for fabricated injuries.

In New York people had been going one step further where they were hiring middlemen to “steal” their car and make it disappear so that the owner could get it replaced on their car insurance or get large settlements from the insurers.

New York Police set up a sting operation by putting undercover detectives in a repair shop in Queens where the fraudsters were taking the vehicles that were stolen for destroying.

You may have an image of a shifty looking character as the typical person to commit car insurance fraud but of the 61 people caught out in the sting some included a used car dealer and shockingly a New York Police Officer. The cost of the actions these people were trying to get away with was estimated at $1.7 million and 70 vehicles were brought to the shop in the period of time.

Car insurance Fraud is a big problem over here in the UK too with gangs of people driving with intent to surprise unsuspecting members of the public into getting into crashes. This kind of crime is being clamped down on by the Police liaising with Insurers to ensure that those who are stupid enough to make a habit of it are brought to justice. Car Insurance fraud has been directly linked to the high cost of insurance and dragging our car insurance quotes up in recent years.

Source by Andy Adams

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