Car Insurance – How Your Occupation Affects You

Believe it or not, your occupation can save you a lot in car insurance premium. On the other hand, it could also cost you so much. I’ll give examples from opposite ends of the spectrum and explain why this is so. Finally I will show you how you can make considerable savings even if your occupation is at the undesirable end of the spectrum.

Scientist pay the lowest car insurance rates. They pay as low as $870 on the average. Retired persons pay slightly more at an average of $920. Pilots and navigators also belong to the low car insurance rates bracket.

For those in the high car insurance brackets, you have the business owner as the most expensive to insure. They average around $1400 in car insurance premiums. Following closely is the executive with an average of $1,375. Attorneys, lawyers and judges average $1370.

These are the opposite extremes (Don’t worry if you fall into the expensive occupations. I’ll show you how to lower your rates considerably). Back to what we were saying…

Occupations that attract cheap auto insurance rates have some or all of the following in common…

1) They are usually low stress occupations.

2) The safety of others is paramount in their training. Sometimes their driving records can even determine if they’ll be allowed to practice at all.

3) Their occupation often makes them use public transport systems.

4) A number of them are generally considered to be very meticulous. This certainly affects their driving habits.

On the other hand, occupations that are expensive to insure have the following in common…

1) Their jobs are usually very stressful.

2) They often have to spend more time in their cars.

3) They tend to use their cell phones a lot more while driving than the average driver.

If you look at the different categories, it will become very obvious why certain occupations are expensive to insure while others aren’t.

Now, whichever group you belong to, you’ll make considerable savings by understanding the fundamentals that influence your car insurance rates. And since different insurers will have different weightings for the various factors, you can count on the fact that you will save much if you get and compare insurance quotes from reputable insurers.

Source by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba

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