Car Insurance Saving Tips for Teenage Driver

If you are a teenage driver who just got your first driver license, and now you are looking for a dream car, and can not wait to start your adventure in the big world you need to read this article. Before shopping for a car, there's another important reality fact that you should consider. Your parents dread the word car insurance – you may too.

Let's take a look at Car Insurance

Do you know how to shop and save for your car insurance? You should know car insurance for teenage drivers is much higher than other age groups since it's considered high risk to the insurance companies! If you do your homework, you still can save some money by being a wise shopper.

Here is some money saving insurance tips:

1. Get a used or less expensive car: Sport cars or fast cars look cool, but they can double
your car insurance, also they can cost a lot more when repair is needed. Consider a four door car instead 2 door car. Adding more safety features to your car also can help reduce your car insurance premium.

2. Good student discount: If you have good grades at school, many insurance companies
will give a discount for honor students.

3. Taking a driver's course, like a defensive driver's course or safety course: It will
add to your credit as a good driver.

4. Consider getting in on your parent's car insurance policy: Discuss this option with them to add you as an "occasional driver" rather than a primary driver. You can make a small payment to them for this privilege.

5. Increase your deductible: The higher deductible you choose, the lower your premium
will be. You should look at $ 500 to $ 1000 deductible rates. If you own the car outright you can get less then full coverage to save money.

The bottom line in saving for your car insurance is that you need to show the insurance companies that you are a responsible driver by establishing a good driving record. It will benefit you in a long run. Be safe and enjoy the road!

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