Car Trailers

As well as offering our clients an extensive range of both car and motorcycle trailers, Indespension also offer an exclusive insurance package that comes with a top-spec range of benefits.

Being covered in the event of theft or a breakdown can mean the difference between meeting that all-important race on time and losing your trailer without trace. The Indespension Tracker device means your choice of our Brian James car trailers or your motorcycle trailer is protected by an unseen tracking device. This device does not require an outside power source and has a battery life of four years meaning your trailer’s protected no matter what.

Car trailers and motorcycle trailers when purchased with the Indespension insurance package offer attractive benefits such as breakdown assistance 365 days a year and an average response time of only 40 minutes, our cover can ensure you get to that all important meet or business meeting on time unscathed. Under this package, all trailers are also covered for European use; it also includes replacement hire. Indespension also cover you for overnight accommodation should you need it. No matter what the emergency, once Indespension covers you and your unit, we can help fix it.

Indespension has an extensive range of both new and used car trailers and motorcycle trailers, which is updated regularly. For further details of the latest trailers and accessories to come online, why not register today and receive special offers direct to your inbox?

We ensure that you will get the best outcome for your money.

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