Cell Tower Lease

The telecom sector is witnessing fierce competition. With more companies making a foray into this sector, there is an increased need for more locations for erecting cell towers. The best locations for erecting cell towers in cities are high rise buildings. In rural area companies seek open spaces to erect the towers at strategic points. If your land is a potential cell tower site, you may be soon approached by a cell phone company. And leasing out your land or premises is an easy way of earning fast money. However, you need to be aware of the laws and stipulations of a contract agreement.

As a landowner you have rights regarding your land. But when you enter into a contract, the operator begins to enjoy certain rights, as well. With the contract you must ensure that you gain the most and at the same time minimize your obligations. The important things that you need to know is the rights you have? The rights you give up? How and when can the company back out? When and for what do they need your consent?

Before granting lease of the ground to a cell tower company, try to have a fair idea of the topography of your land. If your topography is not suitable it’s wise not to give the land or building to cell tower lease. Also familiarize yourself with local ordinances that are in place. If not, you may soon discover that you are not permitted to put a tower up on your property due to security reasons. For instance if your house is close to airport, you be barred from leasing out your land to cell companies. Again several councils require owners to get a variance granted before setting up a cell tower.

Apart from these factors, there are some other factors that need to be taken into consideration before you go for a cell tower lease. Always talk to a company that is authorized by the carrier. If not, you may risk losing major benefits. Also while entering into a contract, have your own lawyer, to help you build a contract that won’t go against you.

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