Coast To Coast Car Shipping

If you’ve been thinking about moving a vehicle from the West Coast to East Coast, or between any two destinations, then the best thing to do is to obtain a quote for the costs as soon as you can.  With that figure in mind, you can then check into reliability and other details of the company you may be considering.

The actual shipping process is of your vehicle is the most crucial.  Getting a quote and testing the customer service of  a company is a quick way to find out vital info, if you’ve never used a vehicle transportation company before.  Shipping a vehicle thousands of miles can prove difficult, and you will want trustworthy and experienced transport people to take care of the many details involved.  With the vast network of roadways today, plus all of the improvements going on (hopefully), it pays to have pros take care of you.  You may have never considered door to door transportation of a vehicle.  Using an enclosed trailer, while a little more costly sometimes, can help, especially if the vehicle you have is quite old and has many parts that are not secured on the vehicle’s body.

Some of the best shipping methods use enclosed trailers.  While it’s still possible to get great shipment for your car via other methods, you may also save some money using an open trailer.  A transport company that has access to many other similar shipping companies and has their schedules and routes down pat, can quote you the best deal because they will be able to make the most of available rigs and they also will know the best routes.  This can save you money. But, it has to happen quickly so that any quotes don’t expire.  There’s no point in getting a quote then learning that it is no longer valid. 

Don’t leave any personal items in a vehicle being shipped.  It’s not allowed, and they won’t be covered by insurance.  Before you call the most reliable car transportation company, or get a quote via email (the quickest way), figure out all of the details about your shipment.  When and where do you want the car to arrive (direct delivery or pick up at a terminal, etc.), also, how quickly do you want it sent from the West Coast to the East Coast or elsewhere?  Type in the info and get that quote fast.  If you are on the company website already, look at a few references and blogs from previous customers. They can help reassure you at this often stressful time.

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