Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

Compensation for car accident injuries can be claimed if the accident was caused due to dangerous and slippery roads or by another motor vehicle or by people walking on the road, unmindful of traffic rules. If the accident was partly the claimant’s fault and the other half of the blame lies with the other party involved in the accident, the claimant is eligible to claim compensation for car accident injuries.

Car accident injury claims are generally made against the insurance policies of the car drivers who are at fault. So it is advisable for all car drivers to possess insurance policies which cover claims for car accident injuries. Compensation for car accident injuries excludes the expenses incurred by the claimant, such as medical expenses, expenses incurred during traveling and lost wages. These expenses and losses are compensated through a separate claim.

It is very important to have all the required evidence in hand before making a claim for compensation. The evidence must be properly documented. The first step that a car driver, who has been involved in an accident and wishes to claim compensation for car accident injuries, must take is to report the accident to his/her insurance company. Then the accident has to be reported to the police as well. A copy of the police report, containing the details of the accident, is an important piece of evidence while making a claim for compensation.

The extent of injuries suffered by the claimant as a result of the car accident is evaluated before awarding the claim. It is better for the claimant to get the assessment done through an independent medical professional, instead of using the specialist recommended by the insurance company against whom the claim has been filed. This will ensure that the claimant gets an unbiased assessment of the injuries.

The amount of compensation for car accident injuries depends on a lot of issues, such as the severity of the pain suffered by the claimant, period of recovery, loss in income, any repairs to the car and cost incurred in replacing any items in the car, as well as medical expenses.

Compensation claims for car accident injuries are settled in two parts. The first part is called General Damages, which includes the severity of the pain and recovery period. This amount is calculated by referring records of other previous cases of car accident injury claims, where the injuries experienced by the claimants and the recovery times are similar to the current claim. These past records should pertain to cases of people in similar age groups and sex as that of the claimant. The second part is called Special Damages, which includes specific damages, such as loss of income, medical expenses, traveling expenses, expenses incurred in repairs to the car and costs involved in replacing damaged parts in the car.

Compensation for car accident injuries can be successfully claimed if the claimant chooses the attorney properly. Several resources are available to help the claimant in making car accident injury claims. The National Accident Helpline offers expert advice on making car accident injury claims. The claimant must make use of these resources in order to get the right amount as compensation.

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