Custom Cars Mean Custom Insurance

The recent boom of car customization popularized by TV shows like “Pimp My Ride” has put the question of insurance adjustment for such modified vehicles as custom cars. This has made many drivers consider personalizing their vehicles. And this means a lot more than just getting a cool paint job or fake-fur interior. Today, car owners want their vehicle to really stand out from the rest, reflecting their personal style and tastes. So you we up with cars that have all types of accessories starting from spinners and grills and ending with stereo systems and hydraulics. But how do these enhancements affect your auto insurance rates? And will your insurer cover the costs of these sometimes quite expensive accessories? If you are considering customizing your vehicles these questions are very important and answering them after you have «pimped» your car can be very costly. Modifying your vehicle can require a large amount of money and it would be a very unpleasant surprise to find out that it doesn’t have coverage. The best thing to do is to consult with your insurance company before you start customizing your auto. This is the right way to see what extents of coverage dose your insurer provides, as well as the total cost of covering your new customized car. The majority of insurers will ask whether your car has undergone “substantial customization” that requires additional coverage at an additional cost. If the answer is positive, the solution is adding an endorsement to comprehensive and collision coverage of your policy regarding additional equipment and custom parts. Endorsement is simply an addition to your car insurance policy that extends coverage over your modifications. Make sure to check the amount of coverage provided by your endorsement for it usually varies substantially between insurance companies. If the cost of coverage is less than the cost of your new parts than it is recommended to consider offers from different insurers. Note that most standard auto insurers will cover the actual price of the parts, which means that they don’t take in consideration the costs of replacing them in case of an accident. The most important aspect of customizing your car is keeping it safe. Leave the work to a professional who knows how to install additional accessories. Many drivers tend to install the enhancements all by themselves which results in additional expenditures when the part is not properly installed and breaks. The work of a professional can sometimes be costly but it will save your money in the long run. The best way to get the full picture regarding insurance costs for your custom car is using one of the numerous auto insurance quotes services available online. But make sure to note that your vehicle has substantial modifications when quoting — it really makes difference in the final insurance rates. And don’t forget to shop around with different insurers, don’t grab the first policy offered. It’s better to compare the different offers and choose the optimal insurer, that suits your needs best.

Source by David Mayer

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