Entertainment and Insurance?

People usually do not expect to hear the words "insurance" and "entertainment" in the same sentence. Insurance is something you need, or wish you had, in the event of an emergency or even a tragedy. For example, you need car insurance when you're involved in an accident, when your car has been vandalized, and even when your car has been stolen. You need homeowner's insurance if your house catches fire, your valuables are stolen, or someone is injured on your property. You need health insurance to help pay for any kind of medical attention. And you, rather your family members, need life insurance in the event of your death.

Entertainment, on the other hand, is meant to entertain people; to make them smile, laugh, cry – whatever it takes to make them enjoy themselves. Entertainment is not about protecting yourself or anyone else. Entertainment is about making sure people have a good, and safe, time.

So, "insurance" and "entertainment" seem to have absolutely nothing in common, right? Wrong. There are many forms of entertainment out there that may make you and your family members wish you had some form of insurance.

Take stunt performers for example. These are the people who step in during television shows and big screen movies to perform the stunt scenes, ie, the dangerous actions that most players and actresses are not trained to perform, or would simply rather not perform. Stunt performers are also the clowns and lion tamers and tight rope walkers who provide you with entertainment at circuses around the world. Stunt performers are trained professionals who can usually pull a stunt with what looks like amazing ease and grace; however, accidents do happen. Stunt performances can turn dangerous, causing injuries and sometimes even death. In the event injuries or death occurs it's reassuring to know that some kind of insurance, whether it's health or life, is there when you and your family members need it.

Source by Elizabeth Newberry

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