Evaluate Your Current Life Insurance Policy

Taking stock of your current life insurance policy should be a regular event, but the reality is you probably haven’t given it much thought beyond making your premium payments. If that is the case right now is a great time to evaluate your life insurance coverage for a number of reasons. Economic conditions have put large life insurance providers in the news so it’s a good idea to check into how much protection your life insurance policy has against industry trends, and the life insurance market has fundamentally changed over the last several years.

Life insurance trends

Let’s take a look at that last trend; that the life insurance industry has fundamentally changed over the last several years. If you’ve had your current life insurance policy for five years or longer most likely you can find a much better deal right now. Because life expectancy is rising life insurance – particularly term life insurance – rates are dropping. A good way to take advantage of this trend in term life insurance and still retain access to whole life insurance is to purchase term life insurance with a convertibility feature to eventually turn your life insurance policy into whole life insurance.

Economic conditions and life insurance

Looking at current economic conditions brings two factors into consideration. The first is you want your life insurance provider to remain in business, and if for some reason your life insurance provider can no longer honor your policy you want to ensure you are protected against any loss. To keep tabs on the financial health of your life insurance provider check with all the ratings services such as Standard and Poor’s and A.M. Best on a regular basis. Maybe even weekly. If your life insurance provider’s rating is dropping do take the time to look into the ramifications, financial and otherwise, of leaving your current life insurance provider for a new company.

Is my policy protected?

That becomes a major question when your life insurance provider can no longer honor the policy because of financial problems. The good news is life insurance policies have quite a bit of protection, not unlike bank deposits. If a life insurance company goes under, policy holders get paid before shareholders in the company. Life insurance policies are also backed up by state insurance guarantee associations. It is good idea to find out the limit your state will pay in the event your life insurance provider suffers financial collapse.

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