Finding a Cheap Insurance Brokerage

Finding a cheap health insurance brokerage company is a lot easier than people think… You can get over hundred quotes in about a minute by applying online… And best of all you can find out how much you can save, and not give out your phone number. Don’t you hate getting phone calls from insurance salespeople when you’re trying to eat dinner?

If you believe the television commercials, you have to spend 15 min. or more on the phone… Why not spend 1 min. online answering the following questions… When were you born… Male or female… Smoke or not… College student or not… That is it… no phone number required, I got over hundred quotes last week, in 1 min, and saved over thousand dollars a year on my wife’s health insurance… I just got on Medicare, but she still is too young to qualify for Medicare… She still needs coverage… We both need to save money…

I do not understand, why some states require that insurance policies be explained to you by an agent… I guess they feel you are too stupid, to make the decision on your own…excuse me, all I need to know is what the policy entails… whether or not my Dr. accepts the plan… and how much it costs per month… Where do you need an insurance agent, who is driven solely by commission, to explain the simple details, you can get yourself online in less than minute.?

If you are ready to save money, and find a cheap health insurance brokerage company, do what I did… Invest 1 min. of your time online… be exposed to over 100 policy quotes from top-rated insurance companies… You will save money… And you won’t have to talk to the gecko.

Source by Gary Pierce

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