Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Whiplash Accident Claim

Most people who want to file a whiplash accident claim are aware why this claim is filed but they are not aware about the policies and procedures of filing a whiplash injury claim. This article will aim to answer a few frequently asked questions that claimants often wonder about while filing a whiplash accident claim.

I Suffer From a Whiplash Injury. Can I File a Whiplash Accident Claim?
Claimants who suffer from whiplash injuries are eligible to file a whiplash injury claim if the accident that caused the injury was not their fault. If a claimant submits a claim for an injury that occurred due to his own negligence then the claim will be rejected.

The Whiplash Injury Took a Year to Surface, Can I still File the Claim?
Since whiplash injuries can take a while to surface claimants are allowed to file a whiplash accident claim 3 years from the date of the accident. Claimants should remember that since these injuries can cause permanent damage it is important to get all injuries checked right away after the accident occurs. Claimants should also visit a general practitioner immediately if they experience new symptoms like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or stiffness in the neck.

I Have Been Told to File the Whiplash Accident Claim Right Away, Why Is That?
If the claimant is aware that he has a whiplash injury soon after the whiplash accident then the claimant should not wait too long to file the claim since by waiting too long the claimant risks the possibility of forgetting information that is important to the case. Another reason claimants are advised not to wait too long is because many solicitors shy away from taking cases that are close to the submission date since this does not give them much time to work on the case.

Does the Place of the Accident Make a Difference?
Yes. If whiplash injuries occur due to a road accident then the claimant will have to follow the steps to file a road accident claim but if whiplash is caused due to working in a hazardous environment then the claimant will have to follow the steps to file a work accident claim. In all scenarios claimants should hire a personal injury solicitor to help them with the claim since without proper guidance filing a claim can be a confusing task.

How Much Will I Have to Pay a Personal Injury Solicitor?
Majority of the solicitors in UK offer free legal services hence claimants do not have to worry about paying legal fees. Claimants should remember to check with the solicitor if he offers no win no fee services before opting for his services.

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