Get Paid For Advertising on Your Car – Get Paid to Drive Car Wrap Ads

There is no catch nor hidden cost about joining get paid for marketing and advertising on your car.   If u are chosen to get the free of charge car, all you have to do is pay for the gasoline and the auto insurance. These free of charge cars are all brand new and the latest model on the marketplace. If u opt to get paid for advertising about your own car, you’ll be paid a set fee. If u are selected then, you’ll get paid every month to drive your own car. They accept all types of vehicles in good average condition.

If u want a healthy second income, well I can tell you the this program is really a nice choice. With it’s own popularity, a lot of website are spreading offering u something like this one. Still, if i were u i’m able to choose to join a stable company, a site wherein you can have a great chance of being chosen. U must look for the number of their own sponsors. That many sponsor companies they have that greater chance u have of being chosen. Get paid to drive car wrap ads is absolutely a great way to earn hundreds or even thousands a month!

Car advertising and marketing becomes more and more popular by day and, at present, more than 2 million people advertise about their car.

The concept this kind of programs are based on is not hard to understand. Companies looking for profit use a lot of marketing methods to promote their services or stuff. One of these methods is car wrap advertising or, in other words, paying regular people to drive their cars with an advertisement on.

For the public the do not own a car to advertise with, there are companies giving away free of charge cars, already wrapped in advertisements. Most of these will allow you to drive the car anywhere between 2 and 5 years, after which that contract expires and u can decide whether u want to get another car or not. Using this technique, although, u will not be able to get paid to advertise on car anymore.

Of training, what sounds too good to be true usually is. Good, somewhat…

That “catch” is that, in order to get paid to advertise on a car, u have to drive your car almost every day or a certain number of kilometers per month and park it somewhere it can be easily seen by other the public. U are entitled to choose which program would you like to join to. But that selection really depends on:

Driving Records – most companies or sponsors take in consideration your driving records. They even require a minimum mileage and a clean driving record, like no violation within that past 12 months. Driving Habits – if you are convicted of felony or driving under that influence of alcohol and drugs, or have had more than 2 serious moving violations in that last 2 years, then your application are not guarantee to be accepted. location – To join the program u must be a resident of united states, United Empire, Canada, France and spain.

There are major companies who are willing to pay from $100 to $3500 just to put their own logo into your car.

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