Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance Broker

When you get an insurance quote the overload of information can completely drown you. Don’t be rushed into making any fast decisions by the brokers who give you the various quotes. Collect a number of quotes from a number of different insurance companies in order to make sure you are getting the best deal. Once you have chosen an insurance company you can move over to a new one if you are unhappy but the point is to rather make sure you get the right one to begin with.

Take your time and sit down and go through each quote seeing what they are offering and make notes of the pros and cons in each package.

For example a pro could be that the insurance for your motor vehicle includes road side assistance. An example of a con could be that the same quoted premium at one company includes excess payments while another company does not.

This gives you an idea of what you do and don’t like about the packages and you can then go back to the brokers and see if you can negotiate the terms of your insurance package.

You can also play one insurer up against another. This does not always work, but sometimes a broker will be happier to bring the price down rather than lose you as the client.

If there is anything in the insurance quote that you don’t understand it is important to ask the person quoting you what it means and how it affects you as an individual.

Ask about the following:

– Excess?

– What is NOT included in your insurance package?

– Personal assets cover (anything you are carrying on you walking in the streets – is it covered)

– Does your motor vehicle insurance include towing after an accident?

Don’t be bullied into signing anything that you are not happy with and certainly don’t sign an insurance contract with a broker that does not have your best interest at heart. Your broker needs to be open and patient with you while you ask your questions.

Some companies take longer to get back to you than others so this process of getting quotes can end up taking up to two weeks. Give yourself that amount of time to make your choices and as your questions. Tell any broker who is phoning you daily that you want 2 weeks and will only have an answer for them at that time.

Source by Catherine Van Der Weele

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