Give Your Family a Health Package

In countries where many disciplines of medicine are practiced, you may make a choice among the kind of treatment you would like to have. For instance, in India, you have the ayurveda, homeopathy and allopathy or English medicine as it is commonly called. While there are people rushing to all three forms according to their beliefs and traditions, it is a fact that they have all become expensive.

It is near the point wherever there are other disciplines of medicine to choose from or not. The medical bills, where they are, are bound to be high. And in time of need, when you or a loved one is admitted to the hospital or requires a specialized treatment, you may have no money in your pockets. It would be a smart investment to make you and your family some cover from illnesses and have access to affordable health care.

Most companies provide medical insurance to employees. Some extend it to their families. Go for it as soon as you join the company, even if it requires you to pay some of the premium. While paying the premium may seem like a sudden when you are hale and hearty, the sun may not always shine so bright. When illness strikes, these premiums you paid will stand you in good stead. Else, affordable health care may be hard to find.

There are certain differences between health plans, as they now exist and are understood, and health insurance. A health plan may be one based on subscription and provided through a health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO). These are more like prepaid plans, where they pay for a fixed number of visits or services. A health care insurance policy is a far more comprehensive agreement, which depends on the person's preference and premium, pays for services once the patient visits a doctor or undergoes treatment.

A medical insurance policy may not pay for outpatient treatment costs. Do not fool yourself to think that such costs would be negligible. It would often run up to a good proportion of an inpatient bill. So, while you decide on a policy, be sure of what it covers. In an insurance policy, there are various terms such as deductibles, co-payment, co-insurance, exclusions, coverage limits, prior authorizations and capitation. Clarify what each term stands for because while availing the insurance, there may be some amount you have to pay from your own pocket.

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