Good News For Parents Of Teen Drivers In Fort Worth, Texas

You realize that the high risk of teen drivers can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket.  Fortunately, there’s good news for you.  Cheap car insurance can often be obtained – even for teens – by taking simple steps to compare insurance rates online.  There are also ways to lower your rates through discounts, how you add your teen driver to your policy, etc.  So don’t panic just yet!

Tips to Lower Premiums for Teens

To help keep the insurance premium low, discuss with your teen the reasons why he should drive an older and heavier model vehicle (such as a four-door sedan) instead of a new sports car.  Explain to him that not only are these cars much safer, but are also less expensive to insure, especially since you will have the option to carry only liability insurance and drop the collision and comprehensive coverage.  Also, stress to your teenager the importance of having safety features on the vehicle such as automatic seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes and traction control.  Having these features can reduce car insurance rates significantly.

Let your teen know that if he does well academically and acts responsibly, the insurance company will reward him with lower insurance, which will also benefit you.  Once he starts driving and keeps his record clean, the rates will come down after a period of time.

Many states require teens under 17 to have driver’s education before they can obtain a license, which also contributes to lowering insurance costs.  These classes are offered as part of the curriculum in most high schools.  In order to make Texas highways safer, the state has recently started requiring eager first-time drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 to take a six-hour driver education course before they can receive a driver’s license.

Advantages of Adding Your Teen to Your Car Insurance Policy

Have you considered adding your teen to your existing policy to get cheaper car insurance?  Even though this may raise your current car insurance premium, it will be cheaper than purchasing a separate policy for your teen.  On the other hand, your provider may give you a discount for adding another car to your existing policy if your teen needs his own vehicle.  So when you’re searching for a way to get cheap car insurance in Fort Worth, check on the cost of adding your son or daughter onto your policy as well as on a separate one.

Find Cheap Car Insurance for Teens in Fort Worth Online

Now you can find the right car insurance coverage for your teen by shopping online for the best auto insurance quotes.  When searching for cheap car insurance online, be sure to add the city name “Fort Worth” to your inquiries so you’ll receive quotes from local providers.  Be prepared to provide accurate information about the make, model and year of your teen’s vehicle.  Also, see what options and discounts are available for good students when comparing quotes of multiple car insurance companies.  Any type of savings on your teenager’s car insurance premium will be a big plus for both of you.

If you find it difficult at first to get cheap online insurance quotes for teen drivers, don’t get discouraged.  Affordable rates are available for everyone.  Just keep searching until you find the right policy to suit your teen’s needs.  Don’t be surprised when you see a huge variation in rates among providers.  This is often due to the many factors involved in teen driving.  Some providers actually cater to young drivers, so it’s wise to shop around and obtain as many quotes as possible from reputable companies.

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