Health Insurance, What is the Best Option?

With the struggles and difficulties that today’s economic situation have brought us, we have made several important changes to better our future. Some of these changes include the type of cars we drive; using less gas is not only better for our wallet, but better for the environment as well. Another important change is that people are spending much more carefully and budgeting. Years ago people assumed that the money would continue to keep coming in rather than planning ahead, and that is why many of them have lost their homes and other properties.

Unfortunately one thing that has not seen a drastic improvement is our health care system. Insurance companies still get to charge top dollar for poor coverage, and the debate continues while nothing is done. Poor health programs have hurt many people, and good programs haven’t helped much either. A good heath care program can cost as much as $400 a month to a middle class person. How can a family living on basic income afford over $1,000 a month just in health care? Many can’t but have to try to because they know it is the best option.

That is why many people seek jobs with a health insurance option in their employee benefits package. Employee benefits have included health care coverage for years and the needs for better coverage has never been higher. It seems that the only way a middle class family can have good coverage is if it is from an employer rather than personal coverage. This is a sad situation for anyone who works for themselves or works at a job that does not offer health insurance, and is one thing that many hopes will be fixed soon. Health care should not be a privilege, it should be a right, and while this country does provide services, the level of those services needs to be improved.

By David George

Source by David Lee George

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