Homeowners Insurance Leads and Quotes

Homeowners Insurance Leads and Quotes

Let’s face it, these days it is extremely important to get your house insured by an insurance agent.  But the most important question, do you know where to find an insurance agent who can provide you with an insurance quote on your home?

It is always recommended that you use a homeowners insurance company and seek tips and advice from a reputable and reliable insurance agent.  Only qualified and professional insurance agents can offer the correct insurance quote and coverages. 

Below are some imperative details that need to be considered with an agent when asking for a quote on homeowners insurance: 

1.  Be certain to Make sure you have enough insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your house at current construction costs. To figure out the amount of coverage needed, take the total square footage of the house and multiply by current local rebuilding costs per square foot. For example: A 2000 square foot home with local rebuilding costs of $150 per square foot (2000 * 150) comes to $300,000 of dwelling coverage.

2.  Make sure that your personal possessions are properly covered. We recommend that personal possessions are insured at replacement cost NOT actual cash value.

3.  Most homeowners policies will also provide coverage for loss of use. This means that if you need to live somewhere else while the house is being restored the insurance company will pay for this expense.

4.  Liability coverage is also included on most homeowners policies. This is very important. The minimum on most policies is $100,000. We recommend at least $300,000.

5.  In addition to the coverage’s mentioned, there are many other coverage’s to consider depending on the type of house, the contents in the house and any other structures located on the property. We recommend a review of your coverages be handled by a local insurance agent. 

When you obtain the answers you are now in a better position to get the correct homeowners insurance quote.

Just as an owner of a home needs insurance on their house, an insurance agent also needs homeowners insurance leads that will generate him activity for their agency. 

For an agent to get the right insurance leads, you need to focus on the LOCAL community.  *Below is an example of how to get the correct homeowners insurance leads.

*The agent MUST have the necessary tools to drive traffic to the business website with a focus on the LOCAL community.  As the Internet is used in 75 percent of households, the quickest method of communication is via email and the web. 

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