Homeowners Insurance – Preparing For Claims Before Anything Happens

It's great to find an affordable homeowners' insurance policy. And it's great to faithfully pay your premiums. But how do you ensure you do NOT become one of those sad stories of folks who were "let down" by their insurers when they made a claim? This article will take you through this …

1. First, make sure you buy your policy from an insurer that has a great claims history. If you've heard a lot of bad tales about a particular insurer, then it's smart to NOT buy your policy from them. I know the tales might be false, but then you can not jeopardize your home in order to verify. Go for an insurer that already has raving policy holders.

2. Also along these lines, make sure you check with your state's department of insurance. Make sure they have high rating and are licensed to sell insurance in your state. Check with BBB to see how they treat their customers. You really can not be too careful. Remember, you want to ensure you're well covered.

3. Take out time to understand your policy details. Read through the exclusions section. I strongly recommend that you do NOT sign any document until you're very satisfied with the details. When in doubt, ask questions.

Do NOT make any assumptions as to what perils you have coverage for and to what extent. Know for sure.

4. Take an inventory of your marriages. Start with the valuables and then get down to the small things you want covered. It's a good idea to get video footage of each of them. Keep them all well. Have good descriptions for each of them. Keep your receipts and warranties confidential.

You can go from one room to the other. Finish with one room before you go to the next. Once you've gone through this process, you can always update your list as changes occur in your household items.

If you do all these, you'll make your claims process a lot easier.

Source by Chimezirim Chinechem Odimba

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