How to Get a Lead Capture Page for Little or No Cost

Network marketers are always looking for a new way to get the word out about their business and to generate more leads.

In the world of network marketing it is essential to have a lead capture or “squeeze” page to help build your business.

For those who might not be familiar with what a lead capture page or “squeeze” page is, they accomplish two important things:

1) They allow you to offer a newsletter, a report, or some other information which your visitors can “opt in” to receive on a regular basis.

2) They allow you to “capture” some information about your visitor such as a name and email address which you can use to stay in touch with your visitors.

Many network marketers choose to use a corporate “replicated” lead capture page designed by the program their involved with which in my opinion is a big mistake.  Any Google search of the term “make more money” will demonstrate why I say this.  What you will see is the same “replicated” lead capture pages over and over.  There is nothing unique about them and these network marketers all begin to look the same and get lost in the crowd.  Another problem with these “replicated” lead capture pages is that you cannot edit them or personalize them to fit your needs.

The solution to this problem is that you must create your own unique, creative, and eye-catching lead capture page.  As a minimum, your lead capture page should contain an attention-grabbing headline, it should tell the visitor something about you, maybe include a video, and finally, it should allow them to “opt in” to receive something of value from.

To get a lead capture page you can pay for webhosting, a domain name, and have someone design it for you but I would not recommend that option.  It’s too expensive.

For me personally, I like to do things as inexpensively as possible and I have found that there are some free webhosting sites where you can create an attractive, professional looking lead capture page without having to pay someone for your webhosting.  The website I like best for a free website is  They have some very nice templates and great options to allow you to include everything in your site you want to include for your visitors to see.

You can design your lead capture page yourself without paying someone to do it for you too.  It may take some time before you get something you like but you can look at other network marketers lead capture pages for inspiration or ideas which will save you a lot of money.

Now there is one little problem which can be solved quite easily.  With most free webhosting sites, you will end up with a lengthy URL which  might look like for example.  Of course, you want one that is smaller, simpler, and easier to remember. 

The solution is buying a unique domain name at a webhost like which will only set you back about $10 a year.  Once you have your unique domain name you will be able to “point” or “redirect” from your control panel that unique domain name to the longer, lengthier URL at your free webhosting site.  So now becomes for example.

In conclusion, having your own unique, fully customizable lead capture page which you can edit and personalize will set you apart from the crowd.  You will look different from what everyone else is doing and you will be more attractive to your visitors.  I think once you have your own lead capture page you will see your results change dramatically.

Wish you great success,

Craig Kerwood

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