How to Get the Best Rates on Car Insurance in Georgia

Unlike several states in the union, Georgia does not have a no-fault insurance law. This means that when an accident occurs, the insurance company of the person deemed liable has to ante up and cover all damages including property and injury costs. For this reason alone it's easy to see why having a solid car insurance policy in place is so important. When you are looking for the best rates on car insurance in Georgia try not to trade coverage for cost.

If you drive a vehicle that is more than a few years old, you need to take something into consideration. Ask your agent or a car dealer what the price would be to replace your exact vehicle, make and model. If the cost is low, you should consider foregoing collision and comprehensive coverage on the car. The reason is simple and that's because these types of coverage cost a substantial amount of money. It's really only advisable to have a policy that includes them if your car is just a few years old. If you are unsure ask yourself if the cost of the coverage for a year or two is comparable to or less than what it would cost to realistically replace the car.

You should also inquire about whether a particular insurance company has a forgiveness policy. This typically applies to an accident and what it means is that if you have one accident that you are at fault for, your rates will not increase. This is actually an important issue as some insurance companies will increase your premiums by hundreds of dollars a year after you've been responsible for just one collision. Ask any agents you contact for quotes about their policy on this and if they do offer it, get it in writing when you purchase the insurance so you have it to fall back on in the event you do cause a collision down the road.

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