How to Locate Local Auto Auctions?

Although a lot of good things have surfaced about local auto auctions and the kind of cost effectiveness they provide, things get sour when you actually have to locate one near you. It is not only difficult, but impossible at times to actually find an auction running in the vicinity of your home. The situation takes a turn for the worse are either the governmental agencies conducting the auctions, nor the people participating in them are interested to tell others that such an auction is taking place. Government agencies do not find it appropriate to spend a handsome amount of money in advertising about an auction that might take place and the people participating the auctions do not want other probable high bidders to participate, as that may prompt them to increase their bids as well – thereby resulting in net loss for such people.

You should also research on the model you are looking for. The best strategy before going to an auction is to actually research on a few popular models and makes that are commonly auctioned during such auctions. From experience, I can safely assume that trucks and heavy vehicles are more prominent at such auctions as compared to family cars because of the profiles of the people using these vehicles. Therefore, you should jot down the models that you need; rather than getting confused after seeing a number of good vehicles at the same place, being given away at throw-away prices. After doing your research on the model you need, it is time to research on the amount of money you would like to bid for a particular model. At times, you might just fall for one car to such an amount that you might end up bidding exorbitantly high for that model. It is eminent that you think with your brain and not with your heart while dealing at such auctions, else you might end up purchasing a vehicle at a rate higher than the market rate.

As a final word, while you are attending one of these local auto auctions, be prepared with all that you might need to seal a deal that you find worth the money. Have enough cash with you, as auctioneers usually do not accept checks. Bidding well and maintaining decorum should be on top of your list. Finally, be prepared to face the risks involved- If you are expecting a 90% discount over market price, then you should be prepared for associated side effects and malfunctions as well.

Source by Carl A Lee

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