How To Make Money From My Recovery Truck

The recovery truck business can be a very trying business to start.  It can also be very frustrating in the beginning because you as the owner have to find customers.  They don’t just come out of thin air.  You have to hit the pavement and put out fillers that will draw customers to your business.  The problem is how you do this.  Is there a magic formula as to getting the word out?  Why are some tow truck companies more successful than you are?  Well, it all comes down to the amount of marketing you are willing to do.  Just because you have brought a new recovery truck does not mean that people will be flooding your door step wanting to have their cars towed.  Most people will not even know that you exist.  So, before you even buy a tow truck you need to have a plan in place to get the word out that you are in business.

There are many way to get the word out, but I think these suggestions will provide you with the most payback.  When cars break down where do they call first.  They either call a mechanic or a tow truck company.  Well, if they call a tow truck company they already have a favorite in mind.  Even with that you need to cover your bases.

1. Get your tow truck company in the Yellow pages.  I know, I know who uses the yellow pages.  Well, you will be surprised.  A lot of people work in offices that don’t allow their employees to use the internet.  In these cases they have to go old school and get the yellow pages book.  This is your chance to draw up some business.  When putting an ad in the yellow pages you will want to have a large ad with pictures and toll free phone numbers.  This expense may cost a little more money but it will be worth it.  Did you know that the yellow pages are also online?  Yes, yellow pages is moving along with the times.  They are now providing offering in their books and online to draw even more business.

2. Get business cards and pass them out.  Do you know that everyone that you come into contact with is a potential customer in a towing business?  Every person that you come into contact with either owns a car or knows someone who owns a car.  So, be sure to pass out your business car at every opportunity.  That means when you go out to lunch, breakfast or dinner leave your business card with your waiter.  When you go to the grocery store leave your business card with your cashier.  When you stop to get the paper at 7’11 leave your business card with your check out person, the more business cards that you are able to get out the more business that you potentially will get.

3. Offer a bonus – Some businesses who just start out forget to use these little tricks when trying to get new business.  But it works.  People are motivated by money and if you can provide a means to give money back for business earned you can get a small sells force working for you without having a payroll that you have to provide each month.  This works by telling your mechanics friends or others in the auto industry that if they recommend business and the person buys then they will get a kickback for that recommendation.  The person wanting the service will have to mention their name though. This kickback can be something like $5 to $10 dollars.  But, if the mechanic or friend is good about recommending your service this could be a little gold mine for you and the referrer.  A win win situation.

4. Contract with state agencies.  This one is very good and can provide a lot of business to the right business man.  Accidents occur daily on our nation’s highways and state agencies like the state police need tow companies to get these vehicles when they break down.  When you contract with a state agency they will call you when they need accident cleanup.  You get paid usually by the insurance company or the people who had the accident or you take the vehicle.  At the least if you’re stuck with the vehicle you can have it picked up by a junk yard who will pay you $300 to $500 dollars for the car.  That is easy money in your pocket.

5. Offer to pick up junk cars for free.  This could be a little gold mine on your part.  People are always trying to get rid of old junked cars that just don’t work anymore.  You pick them up free and either sell the parts yourself or sell the entire car to the junk yard for a price.  Either way you make money off of a vehicle that no one else wanted.

These are just a few ideas that have been used by new tow truck owners throughout the years.  The work and help to get tow truck companies off the ground.  You need to be proactive in your startup, the more proactive you are the more you will be able to get more business.

Source by Kenneth Elliott

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