Identity Theft: a Growing Problem in Modern Society

While identity theft is not a new problem and has been around for decades, the computer age has made it a much greater risk. It is even more serious now with the added attraction of child identity theft! It is a bigger problem than at any time in the past, but if everyone cooperates we can at least get the problem somewhat under control.

A Greater Problem in Modern Society

Identity theft has been a problem for many decades, but the age of computers and especially the introduction of the PC that made computers in homes a daily occurrence have increased the problem. Over the course of years this serious problem has created a world of havoc for many people that includes but is certainly not limited to the following:

  • Ruination of credit
  • Destruction of financial well-being
  • Preventing people from obtaining employment because of their poor credit report that resulted from fraudulent activity
  • Facing criminal charges for crimes they did not commit—sometimes it only involves traffic citations but quite often the charges are more serious
  • Being forced to pay higher interest rates and auto insurance premiums because of low credit scores

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Protecting Yourself from Theft-Related Damage

While there are many ways a person can protect himself from financial losses that result after a person has his identity stolen, it may be easier to protect yourself in the beginning with identity theft coverage. This doesn’t mean you should take chances, but having theft coverage means you are notified of unusual activity and protected from any financial losses. Many people prefer not to incur this added expense, but it is available for those who feel more comfortable with the additional protection. The combination of theft protection and taking reasonable precautions will allow you to feel safe both online and offline.

Finding the Solution

The key to finding an identity theft solution lies predominantly in educating the public. Many people are too trusting even online, and that creates a major problem of its own. The key to reducing these types of crimes is to make people understand the importance of protecting their personal information and not being too trusting. That doesn’t mean you should be paranoid as some people are and not even order online no matter how safe it appears, but it does mean you should take reasonable precautions including having up to date virus protection and only ordering from secure websites. 

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