Insurance Land Surveyor

Land is considered as one of the priceless possessions that you can have in this earth. Ever since, land has this concept of being sacred and beyond the control of those who do not own it. While land before were free for use of the inhabants, the population has tremendously increased such that most of the lands now for public disposal are either occupied or titled. People who possess ownership over a parcel of land either by occupation or by clean title would like to protect the same from any person who would attempt to dispossess them of the property. Those were the times when the land insurance was not yet contemplated. Those were also the days when the insurance land surveyor was not yet born.

Often times, land claims and disputes arise and some of these have been at the price of one's life. This is how people are willing to risk their life for a piece of land. Traditionally, local people have their council of elders and their local laws to settle whatever land claims and disputes are through physical strength. Nowadays, there is not much need for that since there is an insurance land surveyor around who can help you determine the exact measurements of your land including the boundaries through state-of-the-art technology.

A land surveyor is someone who is involved with land by measuring the field, reading old cadastral records and making data analysis. He will set the property's boundaries. Construction layouts that need precise measurements of the land, its elevation, and volume will need the work of a good land surveyor. Land surveyors are out in the field most of the day along with construction crew and other equipments. Land surveyors get insurance land surveyor for their jobs.

Surveyors opt to have insurance because they are personally held liable incase they make errors in their jobs. If they declared boundaries on the particular piece of land, but they unknowingly expanded the boundary, they are liable for the aggrieved party. These aggrieved parties have a right to sue the surveyor because their property rights have been violated. Surveyors will come face to face with a very expensive lawsuit. Insurance companies offer insurance land surveyor that kind of insurance. While they offer land survey firms business insurance. This typically includes professional liability for errors, worker's compensation and commercial auto.

For surveyors working under firms, check your company policy. Did they insure their employees? Just because the company got an insurance that includes professional liability for errors, do not be so sure that you are off the hook. There may be lapses and the company can actually change the insurance policy because the rate fluctuated to a higher one or forget to pay it. While the company has a new insurance land surveyor policy, the land surveyor still remains with the possibility of lawsuits.

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