Insurance Policies, Do You Get What You Paid For?

These days it is hard to decide what company to purchase your Insurance policy with. There are so many and the ads you see all over television, radio and the Internet can be overwhelming.

Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed with the choices and the slogans?

16 minutes could save you 16% or more on your car insurance …

Discount triple check average customers save x amount of dollars on their insurance policies …

"Think easier, Think X" …

Well all this advertising is done because it works! Consumers subconsciously believe what they hear and see every day when these ads are run. Many of the companies have reasonable policies … Or do they?

Most consumers will not really know how good of a policy and insurance company they have selected, until they have a claim. Any insurance company looks pretty good until you have to file a claim.

We decided to find out how good Insurance companies really are. We went to the auto body industry and the home contracting industry to ask who they thought were the best insurance companies. Why, because they are the ones who have to deal with the insurance company, and the customers. This is where you find out how the insurance company handles their insured and their claims.

No surprise! All the ad's you see about saving money does not always transcend into a good or even an equitable experience when it's time to settle on your claim, and it's not always the insurance company as a whole.

The agents of the insurance company play the largest part whether an independent or a company agent. Many times when an Insured had a claim they were not aware of the shortfalls of their policies. The agent has a huge role in not only getting you a fair price, but making sure you are covered for anything that could arise with a claim you may need to file.

Two things we came to the conclusion on …

1) Those ads for the best price insurance policy are not always the best price or the best deal.

2) The agent that handles the policy is the key factor for a smooth claim process if you should ever need to use your insurance. The old saying "you can pay me now or you can pay me later" rings loud if you have a discounted policy and not the proper coverage.

We decided to write this article because we know of an agency that represents one of the largest insurance companies and has a staff of quality trained agents, which give you the service when you purchase a policy, but even larger and better service when you actually have To file a claim.

When the insurance agency has performed the service that you need and deserve, then your claim will flow through the process like clockwork. If not? You could have one of the worst and most costly experiences of your life!

Source by Daniel Endres

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