International Travel Insurance Protects Life and Pocketbook

Man stabbed in Ecuador
In a recent blog about an unprovoked attack on an American couple in Ecuador, Lisa – one of the victims – writes, "We recently received some good news that I would like to share – Britt does have some insurance coverage that should help cover medical expenses here in the US. "

Yet Lisa goes on to admit, " We can not be sure what our ultimate financial burden will be right now, but have no doubt that the contributions people have made in his name will be needed for his recovery."

Lisa's blog documents the medical progress of her fiancée, Britt Leis, who was violently attacked on a beach in Ecuador. In preparation for their year-long tour of South America, Britt and Lisa sold their American belongings, packed their bags and done their research. The day of the assault they had dressed down, so as not to attract unnecessary attention. Lisa was beat by the assailants and Britt was stabbed 18 times. Authorities have not discovered the motivation behind the attack nor its abrupt end. However, they have asserted that the attackers were intending to kill and not simply to rob Lisa and Britt. Even after undergoing three surgeries in Quito, Britt's infections were so severe that death became an eminent possibility. Finally, he was medically evacuated to the States only two months after he and Lisa had departed.

The huge cost of medical evacuation
According to, the evacuation alone cost over $ 55,000. As Lisa mentions, they are currently heavily dependent on the will and generosity of others. However, even this generosity can not completely erase the stress and difficulty that comes with unpaid medical bills. Thankfully, Britt does have some health insurance in the States. Neverheless, the bills he accrued while in Ecuador still had to be paid out of pocket.

The inexpensive cost of international travel insurance
Do you want to avoid paying out $ 55,000 for medical evacuation? I do. And all I have to do to avoid that is to pay out $ 29 for a month of travel. Yes, that's right … only $ 29! If you are older, say about 50, your worldwide travel insurance would only cost about $ 35.

A good global travel insurance plan can assist you in several ways:
1. Supplement your domestic health insurance policy. Many policies are limited in what they cover when you travel abroad.
2. Inform you about which hospitals and doctors meet your standards and aid you in getting access to them.
3. Provide trip protection against trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage protection, medical evacuation and other critical services.

Talk to a reliable insurance broker before you travel.

Source by Lydia Medill

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