Is The New York Pass The Newest Tourism Scam?

Most people are intrigued when they know about the New York travel for the first time, and probably not without reason. After all, a single pass that gives you entry in forty places within the state, each of which cost at least $20 for admission, securing at least a 70% discount on the travel, and a pass that allows you to jump queues and get admitted in each spot on a priority basis, and which gives you other benefits like a quarter price off Broadway Tickets and Macy’s etc. sounds to be too good to believe at first. Most people, without any fault of theirs, denounce this Pass as the newest scam plaguing the tourism business.

But when you study it closely, the NY trip is not such a scam as it seems to be at the outset. Look, you do have to pay something when you activate the pass. The pass is just like a credit card, which you have to activate when you enter the New York City. This validation can be taken by you for a set number of days, such as 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or 7 days. This is the time when you pay. The payment will depend on the amount of package you take. But it is true that the c you make per day will be much lesser than the amount you will have to pay were you to visit each place individually.

Then you must see that the New York tourists are valid for only certain modes of travel. This is where the pass holders get priority. Now, isn’t this a way of promoting the public travel services within the city? It is certainly a collaborative effort which allows the pass issuers to give these discounts.

Speaking of the locations that you can visit per day, the pass issuers have made their business plan quite all right. There is no way you can visit more than three to four locations per day within the city of New York, if you just take an eyeful and move out that might be possible, but no one does that. Most people end up going to just one place per day even if they have the pass. This is where the pass issuers make a profit. That’s because the pass becomes saving to you only if you visit at least three destinations in a day.

If you plan out your itinerary well, then the pass will be profitable to you. Of course the privileges and timesaving it provides is definitely worth the price of the pass. You are treated royally by the places that are collaborated with the NYC travel, and that’s a fact. It will make your travel easier and add more value to it; but the savings will come only if you plan it out judiciously.

Source by Sean Tan

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