Jobs where Individual Life Cover Matters

When we search Firefighter jobs or Fisherman jobs we think of potentially safety of workers at risk. For instance, while work on an offshore drilling platform can be potentially hazardous, and possibilities of fatal accidents are very high.  There are numerable jobs that may fit into this category.

Bureau of Labor Statistics rates the jobs based on its fatality rate which is a ratio between deaths and the total number of people employed in the profession. List of the most dangerous jobs they have come up with in the recent years–

  1. Firefighters Firefighters jobs are often exposed to high risk situations as one could imagine. From burns, trauma and heart attacks the reasons of fatalities are innumerable. Fatalities have dropped due to better firefighter training, tools and work practices. Jobs for Firefighters have seen no downside though over the years as the rate of fatality has come down drastically over the years.
  2. Logging workers– Besides bad weather and on steep slopes, dangers they face are the dead branches held up in tree tops that can work loose during cutting. Fatality rates have risen up in the recent past. With the rising housing demands, the demand for the fresh hires in logger jobs had gone up without basic safety training measures.
  3. Fisherman-Fisherman deaths are most common from boats keel over in storms or sinking from hull damage. Fatalities have gone up over the years with the perils of the sea going up over the years.
  4. Roofers-Roofers face a hazardous job environment often at a height that augments the chances of suffering critical injuries in accidents. There are also more prone to burns, electrocutions, chemical exposures and hoisting accidents.
  5. Lineman-Falls and electrocutions were the main causes of lethal injuries for power linemen, who often work in storms and cold to restore power. In regular weather, linemen deal with thousands of volts.

If you work in such high-risk occupation, it is a necessity to have disability insurance coverage. Social Security and workers compensation are no longer the only reliable source of protection, government programs pay only limited benefits with strict definitions set to the term ‘disability’. This nature of work makes it more difficult to find the cheap prices that one looks for on his coverage, as most insurers are going to be much more hesitant to insure these individuals.

Know the basics-

  • Consult your management before applying for coverage, and determine if there are any such programs that you may be eligible for.
  • Your employer may offer group disability insurance at marginal or no cost to you. But also consider purchasing an individual disability insurance policy. Because the movement you leave your job you will no longer be entitled to your disability policy. This would leave you without disability coverage when you need it most.

If you work in any of these dangerous occupations choose a personal life cover, it may look expensive at the outset but with the risk that your job carries there is nothing better than knowing you are fully protected against the possible disabilities.

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