Learn To Make Money Cleaning Offices

Because of moderate incomes and increased costs of living, many people seek other alternatives for making ends meet. Owning a business is an effective way of boosting your income. Of course, for achieving a successful new business venture, there must be a need. Although many people have the entrepreneurial spirit, very few have the capital required to operate their own business. There are several business ventures that can be started with little or no money down, for example, an office cleaning business.

Starting an office cleaning business is simple, and requires little start-up capital. The only expense involves buying supplies and advertising. Fortunately, cleaning supplies are cheap, and it costs even less to pass out flyers or advertise in local newspapers. Because most business professionals are busy, they are willing to pay a company or individual to clean their offices. Here are some reasons why you should start an office cleaning business

As a business owner, you decide how big you want the business to grow. For example, if a smaller operation is preferred, you may decide to clean the offices yourself or hire one or two employees. On the other hand, some owners have goals of building the office cleaning business into an extremely profitable, well-known company. In this instance, you might consider buying into a cleaning franchise.

Because many companies and small offices are always in search of office cleaning professionals, finding contracts is simple. Nonetheless, you must be willing to put in a little footwork. Posting flyers and advertising is effective. However, if looking for immediate contracts that will start bringing in cash by the beginning of next week, print up a few business cards, informational sheets, and introduce yourself to business owners.

Office cleaning professionals have the power to set their own work hours. You can work as little, or as much as you like. Moreover, you may choose to manage the business, while other people do the cleaning. In this case, you would need to hire an office cleaning crew. Because office cleaning crews involve high-turnovers, business owners must be prepared to fill-in when a worker is ill or suddenly quits. Prior to opening your cleaning service for business, obtain a business license and insurance.

Office cleaning businesses can be up and running with little out-of-pocket expense. Supplies required include:

– Disinfected Cleaner (Clorox, Windex, bleach, etc)
– Duster
– Vacuum
– Mop
– Bucket
– Broom and Dust Pan
– Toilet Brush
– Trash Bags

Any small or large office business is a potential client. Initially, you may want to begin with smaller offices and gradually grow your business to include bigger offices. Prospective clients include:

– Chiropractic offices
– Dentists offices
– Other Medical offices
– Real estate offices
– Hair Salons
– Childcare Centers

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