Learn To Save Money On Automobile Insurance "Guaranteed"

It is not difficult to reduce your car insurance policy. Reducing your car insurance is easier, when you know exactly what the automobile insurance companies know.

There are plenty of ways you can lower your auto insurance rates. There are numerous factors that will determine how much your car insurance premium will cost you.

The average person will pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year in car insurance. How can you avoid paying thousands? Very simple, follow eleven steps "Guaranteed" to help you shop effectively while searching for your cheap auto insurance.

Knowing this information you may probably have a car insurance agent ask you "Where did you get all this information?" If you do, just simply say, "I did my homework!"

1.) Buy your Car Insurance Online – A lot of auto insurance companies are posting ads on the internet that say "Save 5-10% on your car insurance when purchasing online rather than telecommunication a. long time on the phone with your car insurance agent.

2.) If you own a small house where there is a small population in area where there are fewer accidents, you will get a much better rate.

3.) If you are under the age of 24 years old and have your parents, register the car under their name adding you as the principal driver. You car insurance premium will be lower if you live in a rural city where the population is small. Car insurance rates are lower their.

4.) If you have a teenage driver at home, do not add them to the policy as a principal driver. By doing so, your car insurance could increase dramatically! Add your teenage driver as an occasional driver; limit their use to less than 30%.

5.) Ask for higher deductibles – This simply means how much you are going to pay your car insurance company first if you are found at fault in a car accident. Reduce 15-35% by raising your deductible on your car to the highest level.

6.) Big engine more horsepower – The more horsepower your car comes with the more expensive your car insurance will be. Ask your self, "Do I really need a car with a lot of horsepower for the driving I do?" If you choose to buy a car with a lot of horsepower, your pleasure will be costing you more money.

7.) Is your car on "The Most Stolen Car List" on the car insurance companies list? That's right; it's costing auto insurance companies millions of dollars to cover car theft, especially with the number of fraudulent claims people are filing today. There are hidden fees applied to these cars.

8.) Multiple Accidents – If you have a history of car accidents and are considered a high risk driver, leasing a car and adding insurance to it would cost you less.

9.) Business or Work – Using your car for business purposes or traveling to work subjects you to an expensive premium. Just say you will be driving your car occasionally and parked in a garage rather then outside without a cover. Insurance companies know that a car deteriorates quickly parked outside without a cover.

10.) Safety Features – Tell you Insurance agent all the safety feature that comes with your car, you could receive up to 30-60% off your medical and personal injury insurance

11.) Drivers Education – Enroll yourself in a Drivers Education Course and successfully complete it and fax your certificate to your insurance company. You could receive up to 5-10% off your car insurance. This will show that you are making improvements to become a better driver.

Go online and search for different Auto Insurance Companies and get multiple quotes to see which rates are the best for you.

Remember by shopping online you have more companies to select from rather then spending hours on the telephone or looking through the yellow pages.

Shopping online is very convenient and not time consuming.

Following these factors will "Guarantee" you get the lowest price possible.

Source by Ricardo Arbois Jr

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