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Nowadays there is a growing interest in life insurance, both in the United States and worldwide. This is likely due to the ever growing awareness of the benefits of insurance, and to decreasing costs due to lower mortality rates. Either way, for those interested in locating the lowest cost policy for their needs, the basic question remains: How do I locate the right policy at the lowest cost?

Most everyone has access to the Internet (aka the World Wide Web). Still, even with the use of the Internet to search for a policy that uniquely meets your needs, the task can be daunting. In this article we will try to make your search easier.

Your first step in the search process will involve preparation. You will have to answer the following basic questions:
O How much can I afford to pay? 5% of income is a typical guideline.
O What type of coverage do I need? To protect against lost income over your working lifetime, and / or to cover any large debt that will be paid off over a short time.
O What type of policy do I prefer? Term Life (pure insurance and the cheapest), or Whole Life or Universal Life (insurance plus investment). You might also want a combination of the two.

Your answers to these questions will be crucial for locating the right policy to meet your needs; Both financially and emotionally (you may sleep better knowing you are properly insured at an affordable price).

Just consider there are tens of thousands of insurance carriers offering hundreds of thousands of insurance plans. What a daunting task to face in just becoming aware of all the possible plans and options. It certainly would make sense to have the help of a licensed and experienced broker in locating quickly a plan that will best meet your needs.

How can this be accomplished on the Internet? It is surprisingly quite easy. All that's needed is for you to search for broker websites by using the term: life insurance independent agent. This will provide you with a list of independent insurance agents (or brokers). Understand that independent agents and brokers represent multiple insurance carriers which should lead to an unbiased perspective. When you peruse the search page, try to locate an independent agent directory; It will provide a convenient listing of agents to contact It is suggested that contact several independent agents or brokers to get the broadest list of life insurance plans that meet your needs.

Incidentally, there should be no charge by the agent or broker for any assistance; They will be compensated by the insurance carrier that you select.

There are two major benefits to be gained by using an independent insurance agent or broker, as opposed to obtaining quotes from individual insurance carriers:
O Price comparisons will be on comparable plans (apples-to-apples). That is, the agent or broker will select similar plans for comparison.
O You will receive excellent support in locating exactly what is needed for your specific circumstances. The agent or broker will make suggestions regarding options / riders that will address your requirements.

If you have access to the Internet, you will find it far easier today to obtain a life insurance policy that meets your needs at the cheapest price.

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