London Ontario's Racey Nightlife

Southwestern Ontario is historically farmland – not quite southern and only a little bit western; it’s the beginning of the Windsor-Quebec City corridor where goods are transported by tractor-trailers around the clock. The largest city in the area is London a town of a half a million people working largely in the insurance and heavy industry sectors. The area previously known as Upper Canada when it was settled by the British the people have a conservative heritage, but even there the community standards of tolerance have been evolving to keep in step with the times so there is a wide variety when choosing individual local interests. Like other large Canadian cities there’s something for everybody.

There are countless good restaurants and quite a few nightclubs like London Ontario Restaurants The Beef Baron and Flesh Gordon’s Lounge where patrons can donate to the g-strings of needy strippers, private massage parlors and places for the lonely to purchase adult videos. Basically everything done in private within reason is not looked down on or actively suppressed. If a businessman wanders off with ideas of getting some female company it will be his wife doing the enforcement and these days he better be careful about the story about going golfing with the boys; after the Tiger Woods lifestyle revelations men might as well sell their golf clubs and take up yoga. Any legitimate attempt to take a golf trip will set off the matrimonial motion detector and your swinging days will be over.

London has an international airport and so a plethora of good hotels has sprung up to accommodate business travelers. Men with money and a taste for the finer things in life can indulge in private escorts as easy as getting pizza delivery. The higher priced beauties can be extremely tempting to a man without spousal supervision and a wallet full of cash. In that respect, nothing much has changed in the life of the away-from-home businessman over the last fifty years – he will need food, shelter, and companionship to ease stress and indulge a few fantasies. Then he will roll his memories into a tight ball and douse the entire experience with layers of Scotch to put out the last of the embers as he spends the late evening packing for the next leg of the journey. Perhaps ambition should be made of sterner stuff, but men are men; the best sometimes forget.

London is tame and quiet compared to the frustrating turmoil of crowded Toronto and the wonderfully wicked heaven of Montreal, where the nightlife is second to none, but it’s still a place where a good time can be had for the business class. One won’t find wild carnivals, cool jazz clubs or bars with hundreds of spaced-out revelers tipping back drinks and trying to find some room on the dance floor for their stylishly-clad bodies, but London is a city where a stopover is eminently enjoyable in one of the friendliest environments you could ever want.

Certainly some of activities regarding the sex trade have become institutions in our society due to the time-effectiveness of paying for time with a woman, but from a psychological standpoint the need to be with someone comes ultimately from loneliness and longing for attention. Men have a lot of unresolved issues from childhood, especially if they didn’t match their peers in the type of elite beauty standards – elements of living that are superficial yet real. As long as it’s harmless and private, the lonely and immature can pick their vices, whether on a massage table or barstool. Life is short and the meetings are long…that lady in the lobby should be just the answer before you have to head down the 401 for the rest of your journey.

Source by Pat Boardman

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